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Services / Inspections & Prices:

Servicing and maintaning your caravan/motorhome is the simplest way to keep enjoying it! Any potential problems can be cured quickly and usually a lot cheaper, than if left to develop into something much more troublesome and costly! 

Full Service, Single and Twin Axle

This will look after all your caravans needs or wants! By servicing annually with us, looking after your caravan becomes a much more pleasurable expeience and also help keep big bills at bay!

Prices from £150

Chassis or Safety Service

Service and inspection of all the running gear including condition of tyres, brakes, wheels, cables and lights etc.

Prices from £85

Full Damp Inspection.

This will include a full report, and advise on any repairs that may be needed. 

Price £60


A service that can add years to the life of the caravan, and can be done section by section or all at once if prefered.

Prices from £70

Caravan or Motorhome Habitation Service

Full interior bodywork check, water, gas and electric systems inspected. Plus fire safety check.

Prices from £120

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Advised that this is carried out when purchasing any second hand caravan or motorhome. offering peace of mind so that your dream doesn't become a nightmare!

Price £60


Spongy, springy floor? This fix will cure, and last for years down the line too.

Prices from £120

Appliance Repair

Repairs are inevitable at some point during your caravan or motorhomes life. But no matter how big or small the problem we are here to help!

Please call.

Motor Movers Fitted.

Why not ask about our excellent service of fitting a Motor Mover at your convenience which can be supplied and fitted or just fitted which ever you suits you best!

Extra services that JK Services can provide.

​External sockets

BBQ connection

Full Valvet

Solar panel supply and fitting

Refillable LPG kits

Please call for more information on these other services that we provide at JK Caravans. 


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dometic ridge repair
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